Being Ford's first fully hybrid pickup gives the Ford Maverick automatic cachet. Its hybrid status perfectly aligns with its suite of tech features, many of them ahead-of-trend. All of them are favorites of our team at Redding, CA Crown Ford. See for yourself.

Lane-Keeping Aid and Alert

The Ford Maverick alerts you to unintentional lane drifting with visual and audible signals, signaling it's time to pull over and take a break. The Lane Keeping Aid goes so far as to deliver steering wheel vibrations similar to those felt when driving over a rumble strip. The whole system even scans lane markings to help keep you centered, deploying gentle steering wheel torque to help you course-correct when necessary.

Smartphone Vehicle Locator

Use your smartphone to locate your Ford Maverick in an overcrowded mall parking lot. The FordPass app makes it possible. The app enables your phone to interface with FordPass Connect, the Ford Maverick's onboard modem. Together, they can steer you back to your parking location with the aid of onboard GPS.

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