The Ford F-150 has capability features that make it one of the most popular vehicles at Crown Ford. Customers in Redding, CA want to have vehicles that are capable of hauling significant trailer loads, and the Ford F-150 can haul up to 14,000 pounds.

If you'd rather carry the load in the back of the truck, the Ford F-150 is designed to make your life easier by allowing you to carry more than 3,000 pounds. The smart scales are included as part of the truck bed's design, so you can make sure that you do not go over the vehicle's limit.

When you are backing up with those loads, you will never have to worry about the objects behind you. The Ford F-150 comes with a rear-view camera to help you avoid collisions. The vehicle also includes the trailer backup assistant and hill descent control, which are designed to enhance the control you have of the vehicle, no matter what type of load you have.

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