Few pickups command unanimous respect among our team here at Crown Ford. The Ford Super Duty is an exception. Everybody loves this truck. It's big, muscular, high-tech, and efficient. The foundation of its class-leading strength is its durability features. Take a look at some of them.

Strong Enough for the Military

When building the Super Duty, Ford took a page out of the playbook of military vehicle construction. Each Ford Super Duty has a military-grade aluminum-alloy body. The alloy resists dents and rust, retaining a crisp, smooth appearance despite negotiating gritty worksites. Plus, the alloy is crash-worthy yet lightweight. This reduction in curb weight by roughly 350 pounds raises hauling and towing capacities.

Textbook Towing and Hauling

With its lightweight frame and behemoth engines, the Ford Super Duty tows and hauls tons. Its capacities for max conventional towing and max gooseneck towing are 20,000 pounds and 37,000 pounds, respectively. Max gas payload rating is a little over 4,000 pounds. Tow and haul from construction site to Little League or from home to secluded campsite way outside of Redding, CA.

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