Despite how small they are, automotive belts and hoses are very important components in your vehicle and play an important role in keeping your vehicle safely on the road. If just one of these breaks, you could find yourself stranded on the highway. Stop at Crown Ford for additional tips on maintaining and replacing belts and hoses.

Are you an informed driver who’s aware of the various types of belts and hoses located under the hood? You have timing belts, accessory drive belts, serpentine belts, radiator hoses, and more. Each of them has their own role and should be maintained regularly. Maintaining them and replacing them when necessary can prevent breakdowns and more expensive repairs down the road.

Give us a call or stop at our dealership in Redding, CA, and allow us to inspect your belts and hoses. We also offer a full line of automotive services and would love the opportunity to service your vehicle.

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