The Ford Fusion Energi is a popular plug-in hybrid. The Fusion Energi is a zippy sedan that seats five adults comfortably. It's also a great looking car. However, the wonderful thing about the Ford Fusion Energi is how technologically advanced it is. The battery on this car recharges itself as it drives.

The Fusion Energi uses advanced technology in constantly responding to conditions on the road. Torque vectoring control makes the Energi more stable during turns. The continuously controlled damping means constant adjustments to control for potholes and other literal bumps in the road. All-wheel drive means power is always being transferred just where it's needed.

Finally, this car is built to keep drivers connected. There are USB ports for charging devices. An 8-inch color touchscreen is the command center for everything from entertainment to navigation. The Ford Fusion Energi is a great choice for early tech adopters in Redding, CA.

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