FordPass Connect Takes the Ford EcoSport to the Next Level

In a traditional automobile, there aren't a lot of advanced technologies for trendy passengers. They only have access to a CD player and a radio. The Ford EcoSport has great digital solutions for kids, teens, and grown-ups, and everyone can access them by using FordPass Connect.

FordPass is powered by 4G hardware, which provides a Wi-Fi hotspot in the cabin. By taking advantage of the fast, reliable 4G signal, passengers can browse the web, visit social media sites, and more on the go. As kids and teens connect to the hotspot on a tablet or phone, a driver can use FordPass in a different way. Thanks to FordPass's technology, it has software that schedules maintenance, monitors fuel levels, and more. During a breakdown on the highway, FordPass can request roadside assistance.

Crown Ford has dozens of Ford Ecosport vehicles that are equipped with FordPass Connect. We serve people in Redding, CA and surrounding areas.

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