The go-green initiatives in Redding, CA and other cities have produced a series of gas-electric cars that leave less of a carbon imprint in a bid to be eco-friendly. The Ford Fusion Hybrid, for instance, combines the power of a regenerative braking system with the natural charge of a lithium-ion battery. This combo boasts the best performance. The traditional fuel serves as more of a backup for when your battery needs a charge during long drives.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid has several defining features, but two of the most popular exterior benefits are the reverse sensing system and the capless fuel filler. The former helps you navigate in reverse by audibly warning you about any object in your path. While the latter ensures you don’t get gasoline on your hands.

What makes the Ford Fusion Hybrid so great? Come see for yourself. We at Crown Ford encourage you to come take a Hybrid for a test drive.

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