This Could Be the Toughest Truck in the World

Any good craftsman knows the importance of having the right tool for the job at hand. You wouldn't use a hunting knife to cut wood or a soda can to drive in nails, so why would you settle for a truck with limited towing and hauling capacity when you could be driving the toughest truck in the world instead?

There's a reason Ford's tagline is Built Ford Tough. With a towing capacity of over 21,000 pounds, a powerful 6.2 Liter gas V8 or 6.7 Liter diesel Turbo V8 engine, 450 horses and 935 feet per pound of torque, the new Ford Super Duty can handle anything you choose to haul around Redding.

If you're looking for a truly tough full-sized pickup that won't disappoint, come on down to Crown Ford to take the new Super Duty for a test drive.

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