The Stylish Design Features of the 2019 Ford Taurus

At Crown Ford, we believe that the Ford Taurus is a unique full-sized sedan that could fit a wide variety of driving needs in Redding, CA. The fresh new design oozes style from bumper to bumper and will be noticed wherever you take it.

Leading with a distinctive SHO grille, the Ford Taurus will make a statement when it arrives somewhere. The black mesh is bordered with a sleek chrome, making for a bold look. The HID front headlights are bright and sleek. They have sensors that will turn them on automatically whenever it starts to get dark. They'll also turn on when you use your windshield wipers.

The smooth lines of the car are accented with the LED taillamps. Their design will let them illuminate faster than traditional lights, and they'll also take less energy to keep lit when driving in the dark.

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