Ford Fusion Energi Technology Features

Why is the new Ford Fusion Energi so popular? This plug-in hybrid comes with an abundance of unique features.

If you're driving tired or maybe distracted and the Ford Fusion Energi drifts out of the lane, the Lane-Keeping System recognizes this issue and will alert the driver with alerts. The steering wheel vibrates similar to the sensation of driving over rumble strips and will get more severe until the drive takes action.

The rear-view camera system in the new Ford Fusion Energi gives the driver the ability to see everything that is going on behind the vehicle, so you don't have an accident. Whether a child playing or a car moving into your path, the center console screen is now your eyes behind the vehicle.

The Ford Fusion Energi is now waiting on our car lot here at Crown Ford for you to visit and take out for a test drive.

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