Cleaning Your Car Tires: Automotive Guide

Have you seen some of the tires on the road out there? A dirty set of tires can make the freshest car look junky. To keep your tires in good shape, there are a number of things that you can do with the right products. For example, you can frequently clean and shine your tires using products like tire shine.

To clean tires efficiently, you should get a tire cleaner, microfiber cloth or rag, and spray the tire with the solution. You can wipe over the tire to remove dirt and grime or blast it with a hose to get off all of the soap and scum. You may also want to use a stiff brush to help remove any trapped dirt in inside of the crevices.

If you are constantly cleaning your tires and want to get your car cleaned professionally, you should let the service team take a look at your vehicle and get it back to looking like a freshly purchased vehicle. Just stop by our service center here at Crown Ford located in Redding, CA for the greatest tires on tires and services.

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