Towing Guide Tips to Reduce the Risk of Roadside Trouble

Today, your friends at Crown Ford wanted to share some simple towing tips to get you to that destination as safe as possible.

  • If you cannot see all the way around the trailer with the side mirrors, invest in blind-spot mirrors.
  • Once the vehicle is on the trailer, give the trailer tire a check with a tire gauge. Wait a little and check again to see if the added weight is causing the tires to lose air pressure.
  • Know the weight limitations of the trailer hitch, then upgrade if you think the weight of the vehicle you are towing may exceed that capacity.
  • The trailer has lights just like your vehicle, and they must all be in working order or you risk another vehicle slamming you from behind. Test the brake, signal, and parking lights.

Visit our service center at Crown Ford before towing any vehicle and we will fully inspect the vehicle for any issues.

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