The Ford C-Max: A Fuel-Efficient Hybrid Filled with Family-Friendly Interior Features

When people shop for hybrid vehicles, great gas mileage is often first on their list of must-have features. Fuel efficiency shouldn't mean compromising on comfort, however. The Ford C-Max, a popular compact hybrid, is filled with creature comforts, ranging from the spacious interior to the high-tech climate control features.

These Ford hybrids offer best-in-class passenger volume. They comfortably fit five passengers, and the split-fold second-row seating is spacious and functional. Drivers and passengers can further optimize their riding experience with the C-Max's dual-zone climate control feature. It gives passengers traveling in the second-row control over the surrounding temperature.

The Ford C-Max is equipped with all the interior features that drivers need for a smooth, safe ride. If you live in the Redding, CA area, come to Crown Ford to take one of these Ford hybrids out for a test drive!

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