Hydraulic suspension systems are relatively new to the automobile industry. The Hydraulic system uses oil and compressed gas in the place of springs to absorb forces emanating from the road surface. When tires hit a bump, the synthetic rubber and air in the tire absorb some of the force. However, most of the force moves into the wheel and is transmitted from there into the frame and then to the driver and passenger.

In a hydraulic suspension system, the action of the wheel pumps oil from one chamber to another via a “damper valve.” Each chamber in the system has a “diaphragm” with compressed gas against which the force generated by the pumped fluid collides and rebounds. The rebound forces the oil back into the original chamber forcing the wheel to grip the road.

Hydraulic suspension systems are subject to leaks in many places. Have the hydraulic pressure checked during every oil change at Crown Ford in Redding.

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