Timing Belt Essentials

In order for your vehicle to run in the correct manner, it is necessary for the vehicle to have either a timing belt or a timing chain. The timing belt and chain make sure that elements within the engine are working in proper coordination with one another. If the timing belt or chain were to break, it could severely damage the engine.

Cars with timing chains do not usually require that they be changed during the life of the vehicle. Most vehicles now have a timing belt. These are not designed to last for the life of the vehicle, and they will need replacement as the vehicle gets older. Some manufacturers recommended that timing belts be changed around the 80,000 mile mark. Change the belt sooner if you notice fraying or excessive belt wear.

When it is time to change the timing belt, contact our service center Crown Ford in Redding, CA. They can check all the belts on your vehicle and recommend appropriate service.

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